Global Space Design Challenge

The Most Exciting UK Summer Course, 9th - 20th July 2022

Imperial College London is the best-known Science and Engineering university in the UK.

This brilliant Global Space Design Challenge course is ideal for the brightest UK and international students, who aspire to study science or engineering at the world’s top universities.

The course includes an intensive and professional programme of training by expert engineers and academics from Imperial, Oxbridge and industry-leading space companies. This is followed by an industrial design simulation which exposes students to the joys and challenges of working in a team culminating in an aerospace proposal competition. Students compete in teams to build the best community in outer space.

The course is ideal for high achieving science students (15 -18 years) who aspire to careers in space science, aeronautical engineering, robotics or automation. They will experience an exciting, motivational, and competitive space design programme; visit to Oxford and Cambridge; receive specialist admissions advice on applying to Imperial or Oxbridge; learn how to gain a competitive edge in their university application; and improve their presentational and interview skills.

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